Friday, February 10, 2012

slowly sliding swimmingly subgenius

Yes I know it's been a while, a long while since i've posted anything. I am determined to write more, and Facebook less, we shall see how that goes. I got some new teeth, the ones in the pic above are the temporary crowns on the four fronts, but permanent ones coming on the 17th! Got my new glasses ordered too, these are the new frames by GEEK Eyewear, kinda badass methinks.
They pretty much match in design and size my Ray Bans so that's good I won't have to adjust to the new frames much.
My girl has me taking care of myself, physically, and that's a new thing for me. Sometimes I feel a bit selfish when I do, but I believe that's just a holdover from when I didn't because everyone else had so many appointments I couldn't seem to squeeze one in edgewise for myself.

Ava decided to make me pretty, and decorated me with this snazzy flower. It even matches my shirt! She is funny.

This is a snap of the new building I work in, it's kinda castle like in that it's drafty, and echoey, and kinda Hogwarts like in that it has 4 houses, and turrets and things.

Anyway I really don't have much else to say right now except Much love, Erik

Monday, November 21, 2011

Shore up me timbers with that thar spork, and some gumballs!

OK so yes it's been a while. I don't have any excuses. Just was "gone dark" for a while. Now i'm back and with a vengeance like Bruce Willis.

The Family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge was exhausting and fun at the same time. Her Majesty didn't wanna get out of the wave pool ever :-) and the boys wore themselves out on the water slides, and alternating in the wave pool. Our last day there just the boys and I went to the water park, and we lost track of time dumping water from convenient buckets on strangers below. We were a little late checking out.

Happy Holidays!!!! Thanksgiving is coming this week and I intend to eat myself into a coma, and then drool on the couch. Nice that I now work for  the State of Washington, I actually have paid holidays! 3 day work week WHOOHOO!!! I am really looking forward to this thanksgiving, the first in our house all (well mostly) together as a family. A couple of our kids are in other states, and won't be making it but we will have them in our thoughts anyway.

Coming up next month is the 2 year anniversary of the first night my beautiful baby girl and I were together. we have big plans for dinner, and possibly a show, and a night in a Jacuzzi tub room right by the lake Washington waterfront. I can't freaking wait!!! I love every night with my girl, this one is gonna be fun!!!

Ok so that's all I got right now. If you're reading this and puked in your mouth a little at the last paragraph, i'm not sorry and there will be more to come i'm sure.

If you're working right now, stand up hold your arms up like you just won a marathon, and shout "MY PAPA LIKES GIRLS!!!!" then sit down quietly and pretend like you didn't do anything. I guarantee you will get some interesting questions from your co workers at your next lunch date. :-)
Their papa likes girls too!

Much Love,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Morning Pork Chop!

I know it's been a while since I've posted but we've been busy. Doing what i'm not sure, but we've been really busy. I have this new bad habit of forgetting where I parked in the morning, so by the time I get out of work, I sorta have to wander around the 3-5 block radius I usually park in hoping that I won't miss the Petey because I didn't wanna walk up one of those steep ass hills. Yesterday I found it pretty quick, the day before, not so much, I pretty much lost the Petey for a good 20 minutes. Maybe I should start taking pictures of it and where it's parked every day so I won't lose it again.
We are taking our first Family Vacation this weekend, the whole crew except for Amonte who is going to make sure the house doesn't burn down (hopefully) and feed the cats and things. We're going to go to Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Wa. The kids are excited though this morning Her Majesty when asked "Where are we going tomorrow ?" mumbled "greatwolflodge" so we kept asking her over and over until she could come up with some enthusiasm. We're gonna rent a mini van, so we don't have to take both cars. The Petey is in limp mode most of the time now anyway and won't rev over 2500 rpms which makes highway driving out of the question.

My Baby Girl's birthday is this weekend too, and were going to all be in one hotel room on her birthday :-( not what I had hoped to do for her birthday, but it's the first long weekend we've had recently, and the kids have been all over the idea of going to GWL for a long time.

That's about all I have today, here is a pic of me because I know people wanna stare at me..

Need to take more pics so that this is a rich media experience for you instead of just random krap falling out of my brain onto a blog.

Much Love,

Monday, November 7, 2011

Don't shoot me because I'm singing, geesh

 We have been sick for the past few days, it sucks because Zoe always gets hit way worse with contamination than the rest of us do. Today I am alternating between hot flashes (man o pause?) and shivering while sweating.
Missed a couple of days last week doubtful that I can go home today. Me at work there on the right... Those headphones play really loud, and spotify has been rawckin all morning.... The problem has become that I get balls deep into analyzing these 200,000 plus line Excel spreadsheets, and start singing along.... The first time wasn't so bad, it was Gogol Bordello "Start Wearing Purple".... and I stopped soon as I realized everyone was staring at me, and Jarrod waved his arms around to catch my attention and shushed me loudly. Here is were it became a problem... System of a down Cigaro (Explicit Version of course ) came on, and I sang "My cock is much bigger than yours (my cock can walk right through the door)" and the only woman in our office Mary, opened up with her full auto Nerf gatling gun at my head, and laughed her ass off. Just wait till I get my bipod mounted belt fed nerf gun, Ill take some muthafuckas out!!!

I have found a new obsession... Converse DC comics series "The Riddler" low tops.... OMG!!! I want a pair of these sooooooo badly.... if anyone would like to they can be shipped anonymously in a size 13 to me at.....  

I would like to introduce Lucy our new little tiny kitteh, aka LBC... yes she is grooming me which has become a problem as it scares Her Majesty shitless in the middle of the night. She has begun to run for the door now when someone opens it too which could be a problem.

Anyway thats about all I got today... Have a really smiley day.

Much Love

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween parties nerdy college employee style

We just had our Halloween party at work. Zoe's cupcakes were a huge hit. I am dressed as Jack Skellington,
yes that is me
 and my boss was death which a few people mumbled that silent and odd fit him well.. We had a really boring Powerpoint presentation about evaluating processes or some shit. Then the party started with food like roast duck (HEADS INCLUDED!!!) Caviar, and a Potato/Lobster/Leek soup that was fucking amazing, Then we had candy corn races... One person holds a cup of candy corn, with two teammates and spoons you transfer the candy corn from cup one to cup two using all three team members and the spoons. I was the anchor, and the

student helpdesk girl...(terrible with names) was middle player leaving Justin to run.

My transfer to her worked perfectly and we dropped none, but turns out her and I are both lefty's..... hand off to Justin and it was all spoon handle conflicts and flying candy corn... we still pulled off 2nd place with 48 pieces.  Then was time for Halloween Jeopardy, our team was Ethan (Astronaut), Mary (Sandals and Socks Guy from Pemco) and me looking like the pic on the right. They are both very competitive, i'm not but do know lots of useless things. We won of course, because none of us would answer unless we knew for sure and we only knew for sure the really obscure ones. Cameron was MC here is a shot of him... not really sure what the costume was but CAPTAIN AWESOME probably fits.

The food was good, the games were fun, I am nauseated from the candy and sweets, and wanna go home and to bed to wrap myself around Zoe (especially if she will leave on the blue wig and lashes... see below.)
OMG will you dress like this for me again please ???

oh yessssss, and the striped the left. She can take off everything else.... maybe leave the glittery disco dots next to her eye :-)

Damn she is gorgeous...

K enough obsessing with my lovey.

Yall have a good haunting and things...

Much Love,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Better mood, Biscuits tend to make excellent melee weapons.

Ok so i'm in a better mood today, idk just don't like the down ones. Here is my sad face.

One year ago today I asked the love of my life to marry me, in the wind and the rain and cold on the observation deck of the space needle.

This is right after she said yes, and that really is THE OSCAR MAYER WIENER MOBILE!!!
She said "yes" and with tears in her eyes asked "So are you gonna put the ring on me or do I have to do it myself?" :-)  I love how direct she is, how I know that we can tell each other anything and that though it might piss off the other for a while we are still the best partnership I personally have ever known.
Best night ever was spent partially here.
I have a minor plan for this evening, it should be nice, I want the kids to be involved, and am hoping she doesn't read this before I get all in motion.I'll tell all about results tomorrow. I know the engagement day isn't really an anniversary, just we have been through a lot in the last year and it's sort of our fresh start moment.
She should be surprised though she wasn't so much the day I asked her a year ago (left the box from the ring on the hotel room floor, let slip that the hotel would transport us to the space needle for dinner) I haven't told her anything about tonight. HAH!!!! I did good!!!

Drove the Petey to work so I can pick up a thing or two on my way home to make the evening complete, he didn't even try to murder me this morning! Maybe he is just happy that I gave him a bit o fuel. Cloudy and grey, just the way I like it here in Seattle, I wish we had more friends or more time to do things with friends, but oh well I love the big ass family thing too and the few friends we do have are great close and trusted friends.

 The pic above is one of our friend Frances that I stole from her FB page.(gotta remember to take more pics when we have parties.) The pic on the right is the face pic of Jack and Janice that I stole off of Janice's FB page (sorry Janice you and Jack come back over, we will take pictures for me to put all over the internet that aren't your tits  K?)
The pic below....
 those are Janice's tits because everybody likes tits, and I have to remember "EYES UP!!! Anyway the friends we have are way better than having half ass friends who will try to get
Whatever they want no matter who it hurts, and live a life of rumor and gossip. Thank bob for great friends.

Guess today was reminisce and Rant and rave and tits day on my blog... Here is a pic of  part of a building, I kinda think the guy in the hoodie up there looks sorta like me.

Great family, great friends, great beer, and tits to ya..

Much love


So I was hinting at it yesterday, in the evening, I renewed my proposal to Zoe, i involved our little kids, and had this whole thing I was going to say. Peyton handed me the card for her, and she read it, then Cade handed me the abalone shell earrings I got for her, and we gave those to her from all of us for a smile, Then Ava really proudly handed me the ring and I kneeled down, opened it, and meant to say " Zoe you are my love, my best friend, my confidant, my lover, and I don't think I would have survived the last two years without you.... Will you marry me"  Instead i said Zoe I love you more than anything and started bawling and quick got out Will you Marry me before I turned into a snotty teary mess. Thank bob she said yes, and hugged me, but then the ring

 which is the same size as the one on her left hand won't fit on her ring finger of her right hand GRRRRRRRR, now I have to get it resized, and hopefully they don't fuck it up. Here it is, farking just a little bit too small.

Anyway the kids were proud to be part of me asking Zoe to marry me, I love her madly and what I wanted to say to her was entirely true.

I love you Zoe

Much Love